Pipe Split Repair Clamp

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A larger pipe or tube seal is called a pipe sleeve or clamp. It aids in shielding the pipe’s interior from loads and pressures. As a tight sealer, a split sleeve repair clamp stops additional leaks. Applications with high and low pressure and temperature can use these modules. They are applicable to a number of offshore and on-shore systems. It is possible to fix a Split Repair Clamp while the line is still in operation. The method is quick and easy, allowing the component to be clamped or bolted into place. Our organization is among the top producers of Split Sleeve Repair Clamps in India, offering the best goods at competitive prices.

Spec Chart Split Repair Clamp

Bolts & NutsSs 304/304L 316/316L
Raw MaterialDuctile Iron
Rubber SealingEPDM / NBR / SBR
Clamp Length150-2000mm
Pipe MediumWater, Oil, Gas,Steam
Pipe O.D:59-1260mm

What Is Split Sleeve Repair Clamps?

Split Sleeve Repair Clamps are used for temporary and permanent repair work on pipelines. These Clamps can be used for both high and low pressure and temperature pipelines.

Split Pipe Repair Clamp Material

  • ANSI pressure classes 400, 300, 900, 600 and 1500.
  • Body materials: A216 WCC, A216 WCB, A516 Gr.70, A352 LCC (Suitable for normally corrosive services)
  • Design control and stress analysis with finite element package
  • Stud material: A 194 Gr. 2H, A193 Gr. B7 Nut material
  • Design based on: ASME Sec. VIII, API 6H , ANSI B31.4, B31.8 and Split Sleeve Software 3S
  • Coating: Yellow Epoxy Polyamide, standard or Marine epoxy

Split Collar Tube Clamp Pressure Rating

Pressure Rating5000 psig

ISO/ PED certified manufacturer of Split Collar Tube Clamp and Split Sleeve Repair Clamps in India, ask for a free sample now!

Operating Temperature Of Split Second Voltage Clamp

Operating Temperature-40° to +250°C

Sealing Material

  • NBR temperature range is from – 20 C to + 80 ̊ C̊
  • HNBR temperature range is from – 20 C to + 150 ̊ C̊
  • VITON temperature range is from – 20 C to + 200 ̊ C


  • Safety
  • Design Criteria and Industry Standards
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance
  • Economic
  • Durable
  • Comes with wedge shape grooves to prevent slipping of seals during installation
  • Can be manufactured with prep angles for welding on the pipeline as and when required


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Generation
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Marine applications
  • Petrochemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Architectural applications
  • Offshore and onshore – carrying oil
  • Chemical process and water

Manufacturing Types of Repair Clamps.

Manufacturers of Pipeline Repair Clamps, Manufacturers of Mechanical Couplings, Manufacturers of 2″ to 48″ MS Split Sleeve Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of Style 360 Full Circle Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of Clamp Alternatives for Pipe Repair, Manufacturers of High Pressure Pipe Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of Boltable Split Sleeve Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of 2″ Pipe Repair Clamp for Steel, Manufacturers of Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of a516 gr. 70 Leak Repair Clamp, manufacturers of heavy duty Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of carbon steel Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of piping Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of oil pipline Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of gas pipe line Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of emergency Leak Repair Clamp, Manufacturers of offshore Leak Repair Clamp, , Manufacturers of onshore Leak Repair Clamp, Split Clamp, Sleeves & Fittings.


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